About Wonders of Nature, Cats n Dogs

This is a daily photo blog.
I love taking pictures. And my main subjects are my cats, my service puppy in training and nature.
Of course there are other things, but as those are the most common things I take pictures of, that's the reason for the blog name.
Here, I'll introduce you to the subjects themselves.

This is Ellie, the service dog pup I raise. I have another blog just for her, at carnivorousconvict.blogspot.com. Sometimes there will be other service dogs on this blog, that's because I sometimes take care of other puppies and take pictures at the monthly puppy class we go to. I also take care of neighborhood dogs sometimes, so you might see those.

This is Playful, one of our cats. She is 7 years old and very photogenic. You'll find a lot more pictures of her than Boo, just because she presents me with so many opportunities.

Here is Boo, she too is 7 years old. Boo has feline asthma which can be very difficult, especially the part of getting her meds down her every night. She's top cat in our house and knows how to put Ellie in her place.

This is our backyard. Very pretty in the summer, fall and winter, not so much in the spring.

Thanks for visiting!